Do you have to be Latino to create a profile or hire a freelancer?

Nope! We don't discriminate. Everyone is welcomed!

When you subscribe you are able to create a Freelancer profile listing your resume, videos, images of who you are and what you do.

Yes however your cancellation will reflect on the next billing cycle.

Our freelancers are encouraged to be professional and skilled in the areas that they are listing however the levels will range from expert to beginners. We encourage both parties to be transparent in the skills needed and expectations of any transactions and business agreements.

Yes! If you chose to do the monthly subscription payment you will get a 30 day trial period. If you chose to do the annual payment you will get a 60 day trial period.

Every freelancer will have their contact information on their profiles.

Yes! If you choose the annual payment subscription you will get a 2 months free discount at sign up and renewal.

All work and contract transactions are handled outside of this platform and are strictly between both the freelancer and the client. We highly suggest that both parties do their due diligence in regard to hiring and being hired. The Freelance Latino will not be involved in dispute resolution.